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Ch ch ch change!

Good morning lovely readers!

The sun is now peeking through the trees and the birds have begun to chirp. A fresh, new day is upon us.

Tis spring. One of my four most favorite seasons. A time for change. The robins have come back because the ground is thawing out and the worms are coming to the surface. Birds are building their nests. Trees are blooming. School will soon be ending. Pools will soon be opening. Winter coats are being stored away. Teens are wearing their pants down to their knees (Hey, that’s not a change.) Stink bugs are leaving and ants are baaaaaack! Mosqitos are getting ready to torture us.

When it’s time to change, you’ve got to rEaRrAnGe!!!!!!!!!!  – Peter Brady

Ch ch ch ch changes – David Bowie

Change is inevitable. – No idea

The Change Poem – Risa Cookie J

We go through life
Day by day
And then something happens
That gets in the way

Change is tough
Whether good or bad
Change is scary
Sometimes it is sad

But without change
Life is static
Little movement

So, if you dare
Hop on the ride
Don’t try to run
Don’t try to hide

Learn from the bad
And exalt in the good
And all will turn out
Just as it should!!!

I hope you enjoyed my poem. It is one of my favorites! Enjoy this beautiful Friday! Scream at the carnival! Take care of the ducklings. And, until next time……don’t forget to take time to smell the cookies!!!!

Risa Cookie J

  1. Amy
    June 24, 2011 at 4:25 am

    Love the poem!

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