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The Very First Cookie



Welcome to the very first entry of The Cookie!!!   I can’t wait to start blogging and I want to send a superliscious day to youuuuuu! Yay for you, someone who is savvy enough to find my blog! If I were you, I would go right now, look in the mirror and shout out, “I rock!”


Ah, you’re back!  So glad I haven’t lost you.

Well, let’s see, why did I call my blog The Cookie?

A cookie comes in so many delectable flavors and just one cookie is a little bit of something magical.  Something to make you say, “Ahhhhh!”  Something splendidiumptious.

My blog is just like that yummy cookie. It is a little bit of something magical, something fun, something to put a smile on our faces, something to make the day a little bit more fabuloso.

Sooooooooooooo let’s get it started!

Hmmm, well, ummm, let’s see,  forget that. This is my intro. I want you to wonder. To wonder what this cookie thing will have for you to read tomorrow. 

I shall give thee a tiny hint. Tomorrow’s blog will be about something that happens every year in Bensalem, just around this time. Hmmm, can you guess what it is?

Until tomorrow, my amazing, wonderful readers, I shall bid you adieu and wish you a glorious day. Remember, rain is a good thing.

Ah, but wait…………………………..

Here is a quickie experiment. Take an aluminum pan and put some flour in it. Then, go outside and let some raindrops fall on it. You will get little round balls. The size of the balls tells you how close the rain actually is.

Have Fun,

Risa Cookie J

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