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Hey there! This is Risa Cookie J, coming at you live from Bensalem! In case you are just tuning in and missed yesterday’s post, I shall fill thee in.

Ahhhh yesterday, a day that will live in infamy for the rest of time. The day that The Cookie made its big debut! A big round of applause goes out to Lynne for her fabulous skills of deduction in figuring out today’s subject matter.  Lynne, if I was Mr. Rogers, I would definitely ask you to be my neighbor.

And now, I will stop talking and let you all grab today’s cookie! And……………….here we gooooooooooooooooooo!


Every year around this time, I try with all of my mommy gps power, to avoid going past the mall. Why, you ask? Because I know ‘IT’ is here and as soon as they see ‘IT’, I know that for the next two weeks, I am going to be harassed and given the guilts until I take them.

But, living in Bensalem, with the mall smack dab in the center, there is just no way to avoid it.

So, we pass the mall and they screammmmmmmmmmmmmmm, “The carnival is here! Mommy, the carnival is here!”

Oh well, the jig is up.

And right now, as I write to you on this beautiful rainy day, the carnies are out there in the Neshaminy Mall parking lot. They are setting up for the carnival. One of the things I love about the carnival is that they charge so very little (and my name is Rumplestiltskin).

This is the very same carnival that, a few years ago, charged an extra dollar as each person walked in, just so the carnival could cover rising gas prices. Hmmm, maybe this year the sign will say, “See the gas station across the street? Give it up.”

This is the same carnival that cost me over twenty dollars to take four children on ONE ride a few years ago! We were just passing by and each of my children had a friend with them. Remember why I try to avoid going past the mall? Wellllllllllllllllllllll, just as we rounded the bend, they all screamed, “CARNIVALLL!”

I tried to scream back, “NOOOOOO!”

But, I am just a kid at heart and there was no way I could look at their pouty, little faces and stick to my guns. We didn’t have too much time so I figured I’d let them each go on one ride. I could afford the four or five buckaroos to put big smiles on my kiddoodle’s faces.

So, I went to the ticket booth and found out that each ride cost five dollars in tickets, times four kids makes twenty. And, don’t forget the dollar for gas, adding up to a grand total of twenty-five dollars for one, two minute ride.  Ahhhhhh, the fun never ends!

I think I shall hide in a toy box until it is time to find out what the prices will be this year. We won’t know until we get there and see one of their lovely homemade signs, informing us that we HAVE TO PAY!  And, oh, don’t they know it. They know they have us wrapped around their big, fat wallets because we are the parents, the suckers, the ones with kids in tow, the ones who look like mommy ducks in springtime with their adorable little ducklings following closely behind them. But ours just aren’t any ol’ ducklings. Our adorable ducklings are ready for the, “CARNIVALLLL! Mommy, I want to go to the CARNIVALLLL!”

When the carnival pulls into town and sees us waiting in the lines with our precious ducklings, they don’t really see us at all. They see us as steak, just like Alex sees Marty in Madagascar when they get out of the zoo and are hungry for a good meal.

And boy do we deliver! I always chuckle the day after the carnival ends. When I am dead broke, heading to the dollar store to get a few necessities, and I pass by T.G.I.Friday’s and see the carnies inside, partying away on our money.

Yep, the LincoIn highway robbery does make an ouching dent in the pocket but, in the end, it is all worth it. For what would life be without the chance to experience the thrilling rides and the hustling game players, coupled with the sweet smell of funnel cake?

Ahhhhh, the carnival!

Good times, good times!

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