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Hello to all of the millions of readers who are now reading my words! Well, I should think not. But who cares? YOU are here and that IS all that matters!

So, welcome! I am so glad that life has brought you to my words!!!

How has life been treating you? Oh, scratch that! How have YOU been treating life???

Take it from me. I don’t care what your life situation is; YOU have the power to live out your dreams!!!

“Yeah right,” you say.

“Yes, correct,” I say!

Why? Because I have lived it!

I took my life of shambles and turned it into a life of dreams. You say, “Cookie, you don’t understand. You haven’t been in my shoes. ”

I say, “You are right. I have been in my own big, black boots and they haven’t been easy to live in.”

But, I got lucky! And, YOU, my dear, are lucky too!!! If you are reading my words, then you can take what I am dishing out and use it!!!! Create your own happiness!!!!

So, what is the secret?

Well, there are two parts to it. Are you ready? I hope so because if you merely read my words and choose not to take action, then nothing will change. However, I have faith in you. I know you want to be as happy as the Cookie J.

Secret Number One ~~~~ LOVE YOURSELF

I grew up secretly hating myself. It didn’t matter what I accomplished. I was a super teacher, super mom, super wife, super daughter, super this, super that. But, none of it mattered!

I had no self-esteem and I just thought I wasn’t good enough. Boohoo.

Well, here is another part to the secret. It doesn’t matter what you accomplish, what you look like or how many friends you have! You are a special being on this earth. You need to see that and believe it! You, my friend, are special! You are worthy!

I love myself. No matter where I go, I feel beautiful. Why? Because I am me. It’s that simple.

You might see my picture and think, “Oh, she is a pretty girl.” Well, guess what? I am also super curvy, as they say. I really need to lose weight but, not because I want to look better. I want to do it for my health. If it wasn’t for health, I would stay just the way I am because I love every little curve on my body.

I love every scar and every birthmark. Why? Because they are mine!!!!

So, how do you change beliefs that you have had your entire life?

Well, it takes practice. But, as with anything, practice enough and you will become proficient.

So, here are two simple exercises to get you started.

1. Look in the mirror and stare into your own eyes. Get to know yourself. Do this as often as you can until you feel comfortable with it.

2. Say affirmations and mean them! Choose something good about yourself, something you believe. Choose a body part and say, MY ~~~~ is beautiful! Think of something you can do and say, I can ~~~~~.

The key is believing what you say.

Good luck with these! I know you can do it! You too, can love yourself!

Secret Number Two ~~~ FOLLOW YOUR OWN DREAMS

Yep. For most of my life, I did what was expected of me. I married, became a teacher and had two children.

Well, guess what happened? I was miserable, just as so many others I know.

So, I realized I had to leave my husband and start a new life. I also left my job and decided to live out my dreams of writing and speaking.

I still have the naysayers. “You need to just get another teaching job,” they say.

Well, I am not listening to the naysayers. Oh no! Not this girl!

I am listening to ME!!!!!

I have been writing a lot more than I used to and I just love it!!! Very soon, I am about to start speaking. YES! I am so happy! I am living my dreams!

I am not going to lie and tell you that changing your life is a piece of chocolate-chip cheesecake. No siree bob.

However, if you believe in yourself, the struggles are worth it. And, if you love yourself and read my other blogs to learn how to be happy in every moment, then you will sail through the process with little stress.

The happiness is so worth it!

By the way, ladies and gents, I, the cookie J, send out inspirational messages in the morning and sometimes throughout the day on my Facebook page. So, if you would like more daily inspiration, just send a friend request to RISA COOKIE J.

And for now, I must bid you adieu with a big toodaloo and a huge wave of LUV N Magic,

Risa Cookie J

  1. April 19, 2012 at 9:58 pm

    thank you for shining your light in my life!

    • April 19, 2012 at 11:05 pm

      You are the greatest! Your light meets my light and that is why we met! So, I am the greatest too! We rock the universe! Yay for us!

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