Spicey Is Nicey


Life is  filled with those daily mundane things.

~ Stop here and imagine that dreary, gray world where everyone is down and droopy. You know ~ the part of the Great Adventure commercial BEFORE the awesome, kooky man goes to the amusement park. ~ The part of the movie ‘Joe and the Volcano’ BEFORE Joe decides to leave it all and go on an adventure.
We all have the mundane. Neverending laundry and dishes, more bills to pay, bumps and boo boos, bad weather,  and so on.

Forget the Calgon! Leave it to me, The Cookie J!  I am writing this blog to take you away from that dreary world and open up the brilliant rainbow!!!!

Life on earth is short. Life on earth is precious. You’ve heard it before. ~Live every day as if it were your last.

But what does that mean? We certainly cant just forget our responsibilities and fly off to Hawaii every day of the week. So, how can we live each moment as if it were our last?

As I have written in past blogs, we can choose to live for the moment, rather than worry about the past and the future. We we can choose to follow our dreams, rather than worry that others don’t always agree with the path we choose to follow. We can meditate and practice visualization. We can choose to be as healthy as possible by eating natural foods and getting exercise.

When life gives you the mundane, add in some SPICE! Bland is boring but, Spicy is nicey! So, are you going to stick to the bland?

“Not I,” said the chicken.

So now, Mr. Chicken and all of the other special readers out there, I shall give you a few of my very own SPICES! So, take a squat and get ready for some flavor!

SOME SUGGESTIONS FOR SPECTACULAR, SAUCY SPICE ~~~~ None of which cost a fortune!
1. Be daring! Go for a skinny dip!

2. Dance in the rain!

3.  If you don’t have a pool, get a kiddie pool, float, dollar store palm tree, and any tropical drink. Put on some reggae, enjoy your drink and relax in the pool. When you close your eyes, you won’t even know that you are still in your own backyard.

4.  Put on music that you enjoy and dance your little heart out!!!! Do it while you are doing laundry or dishes.

5.  Wave at total strangers! Hey, in many places this is not strange at all.

6. Eat only finger foods for a whole day!

7. Get a pair of the largest, kookiest sunglasses you can find and wear them everywhere you go for a day.

8. Decorate an entire room with everything polka dot!

9. Be a star! Do your own photo shoot. Make the funniest faces you can. Then, be real daring and use the best one as your Facebook profile picture!

10.  Go to the nearest playground and get on a swing! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!

11. Make your own Signature sushi! You can get all of the supplies at any supermarket.

12.  Get glow sticks, popcorn and a spray bottle to keep cool. Take a blanket and a mini-DVD player or other modern device and have an outdoor movie night! Or, go to a mall parking lot and have your own drive-in movie in the car.
13.  Get a cap from the dollar store and write your own saying on it. Make it SPICY!
14. Create your own drink! Don’t forget to give it a SAUCEY name!
15. Comment on my blog! Tell me what you think of my blogs! Even if you don’t like them.  I will comment back.
Thank you for reading my blog! It makes me very happy to share my writing with you. And, one-day I will be super famous. When that day comes, you will be able to say, “I knew her when she was a blogger on the Patch. I even commented one time and she wrote back. She really is a caring and  awesome person!”
Until next time, don’t forget to take time to taste the cookies of the universe!

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