The Gift

Hi Guys!  How is it out there in sunnyville?? I hope you remembered to put on your sparkling, shimmering, pink and black spotted, mucho lucho sunglasses because today’s post is about feeling the the shine.

I am pretty confident that you’ve all heard the saying, ‘Enjoy the moment,’ as well as, ‘The past is gone, and the future isn’t here yet, so live for the present.’

How about this one? It’s called the present because it is a gift.

Yup, I have heard them all too. We see them on bumper stickers, those great little plaques that you hang in the kitchen, and on posters galore.

But, and this is a BIG but, have you ever sat down and really thought about them? Have you learned how to really use the knowledge that our present is all that matters?  Have you actually incorporated it into your every moment?

Hmmm, for most of us, the answer is probably a no!  I have seen those sayings a gazoodle of times. Let’s face it. They are everywhere!

Until recently, if I saw the slogan, I would say, “Yeah, that’s the ticket,” and move on with my day.  Seriously. We do that with so many of the gadgillion messages that are thrown at us on a daily basis.

But, the message actually is a very important one if you are truly ready to enjoy life to the fullest. Ready to use your thought power to have it all. Ready to stop living in auto pilot and start living in the magical rainbow of LIG.  (Life IS Good)

Ok, big deal you say.  A slogan isn’t magic. It certainly isn’t going to change my life.

Ahhhh, but it can. But, not as a slogan. You have to use it as a tool. A habit. A way of life!!!

Sing with me – I just can’t get enough! Black-Eyed Peas

Now, this blogging beauty, if I do say so myself, is onto something!!!  A tool! A functional tool! Yep, just can’t get enough!

Sooo, how do we turn a slogan into a tool?  Get ready to be amazed!
Art thou ready? Sitting down? Have pen and paper?

Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, just joshing you.

It is actually very simple. PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!

I shall give you an example. Yesterday, I was in my friend’s minivan. We were with the kids, three cackling girls, and on our way back from a trip where we saw her new private dock/lot on a nearby lake.

I happened to be telling her about The Law of Attraction and all of the things I have learned, as I am always doing now, yap yapping away.

We were both feeling kind of tired, as being with two nine year olds and a wired five year old can make you feel. And, after a day with the whining, energy bunnonoos, it is easy to just want to crawl into bed and be done with the day just as fast as a red-winged blackbird can close its wings and hide!

But, instead of wishing we were home already, I brought up the slogan! Enjoy the present, for it is a gift. Soooo, we summed up what was happening. There we were with our angelrific daughters, in my friend’s comfy van, enjoying each other’s company, while the girls enjoyed each other and played their made –up games.

Once you stop and evaluate what is happening, you see GOOD, where before, you were just living on autopilot.    Before, all you thought about was being tired, or annoyed because you missed a traffic light. Before, you were wishing life away.

A side note here******

In my last blog, I told you that I never wanted to stay in my old career anyway. Well, when people do things they truly don’t want to do, they wish their life away.

“103 days until vacation break.”  Glump. Glump.

Here is a second example.

My daughter had a friend sleeping over and she was in the middle of a mini meltdown over, hmmmm, well, I don’t even know why she was in meltdown mode. I am learning that, at her age, it could have been over anything at all.

So, I used the tool. I said, “Jamie, here you are in your beautifully enchanting princess bedroom, with your beautiful girlfriend and your mammmma who loves you, watching your favorite movie together, as you lie on your beautiful pink-canopied trundle bed for two. What could be making you so unhappy?

Well, my daughter stayed hidden in her blanket for a minute – Mommy wasn’t going to make me come out. No sireebobby!

But, just a minute or two later, once it was safe to come out and act like she was doing it because she wanted to, and not because mommy helped her, out she popped, acting as if everything was just dandy.

Third example.

I was with my boyfriend and we were on our way to a gorgeous B&B in Cape May.

This was the farthest we have ever traveled together and we had really been looking forward to it.

But, he was not enjoying the ride because he was focusing on making sure we could find our way there and also make it in the shortest amount of time.

Soooooooooooo, I said, “Stop and look at what is happening. Here we are, together, on a beautiful day, sunny and warm, listening to music, on our way to a beach vacation. We even have GPS so that we don’t have to follow directions. Let’s enjoy this precious time while we are able to.”

He listened to me and I watched his tense body relax. Yep! Just can’t get enough!

The three examples I gave you were with other people but, I also do it by myself throughout the day.

Whenever I have a break from what I am doing, I look around and sum up why I am happy at the moment.

Whenever I start to get frustrated, I step back and evaluate why.  Then, I remember that there are so many things to be grateful for and that I don’t want to ruin my time on earth with frustration.

I use the tool so much that it has become habit for me.  If you are just starting, you might want to set a periodic alarm to remind yourself to use the tool.  Another tool to go along with this is to make a list of lots of things that you are grateful for.  Freedom, chocolate, laughter, a flower, a friend, etc.

Well, my friends, I know that this post was a lengthy one. So, if you have read this far, I have to tell you that I am truly flattered!!!!! You rock the boat bigtime!!!!!

Please let me know if you have any questions and pahlease definitely let me know if you try this and how it works for you!!!!


Risa Aka, the Cookie J

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    Your information Helped me Thanks you Much

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