Jambo, my friends! Tis a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Dontchya think?  Ahhhhhhhhh. The birds are a chirpin’, the grass is a growin’, the air conditioners are a hummin’ and I can hear the clinkin’ bells as Mr. Rogers brings us to the Land of Make Believe.

And now it’s time for a tiny cookie bite.

Grab a spray bottle, fill it with water and take it wherever you go for a soothing mist. Ahhhh!


If you have little cookies, aged three to 103, purchase colorful spray bottles at a dollar store and let everyone have his/her own! I bring them everywhere and they are always the most sought after “toys” on a warm day.


I am excited to give my happiness tip o’ the day to ya!!!

Visualization is a magical tool. (Nope, not talkin’ ’bout the Grateful Dead and the colored bears.)

If you can see something in your mind, then your brain can take it and apply it to your being.

Here is a perfect example.

Many years ago, a friend of mine was on a swim team with his twin brother. They both had the same swimming abilities but joey always won the races. Sam couldn’t understand why he always lost.

Finally, one day when they were on their way to a swim meet, Sam asked Joey why he always won. So, Joey told him to visualize himself as the winner. Sam did as he was told. He closed his eyes and saw himself winning the race. Everyone was cheering and Sam was proud.

And that day, Sam did it! He won his very first swim race!!!

And, he never forgot his brother’s lesson.

During the winter season, when it takes what seems like an eternity until the car warms up, I visualize myself sitting on a beautiful beach, overlooking the sea, as the sun shines down and washes warmth all over me.

In summer, when it is so sticky and humid that I just want to grab the nearest box of Calgon, I visualize myself shivering in the cold, with icicles all around me.

Both of these visualizations DO help!!!

And from what we have seen so far, I predict a long, hot summer. So, try to remember that you can use visualization as a cool down tool. Try it and you shall seeeee!

You can use visualizations to help with anything you want in your life! The possibilities are endless!

And, just as you can form a habit of ‘fagettin’ about ’em and of being happy with your present, rather than worrying about past and future, you can also form a habit of using the visualization tool.

The more you incorporate it into your life, the more valuable it becomes.

Thoughts become things and visualization is an immersion of thought so, use it to attract what you want in your life.

Here are a few more visualizations to try out.

1. When you are feeling down, as though stuck in a dark hole, visualize yourself climbing a staircase. You are climbing out of the hole, step by step, and there is happiness and light waiting for you at the top.

2.  The beach is not only good for warmth but, for relaxation when you are stressed or anxious.   Sit on a chair and close your eyes. Imagine that you are on a beach. The waves of the sea are hitting the shore and receding. The sun is a beautiful light in the baby-blue sky. You can hear the waves and a distant seagull. You are conscious of your breathing. You are very relaxed.  When it is time to end your visualization, imagine coming back on a plane. You are coming back to reality and you feel renewed from your soothing vacation.

3.  Before you leave for work in the morning, take a few minutes and imagine how you want your day to go.

4.  If there is a job you are trying to get, a goal that you have set, or a house you want to find, imagine these things as if they are real.

If you want to explore further, you can find many more visualization exercises on the web.

Soooooooooo, bon voyage! Aloha! Boom Chaka Laka! Enjoy your visualizations! Getting happy and healthy is all within your reach. You just have to grab it! The best part is that you don’t have to grab it out of anyone else’s hands because it all lies within YOU!!!!

And now, I shall go “grab me a freshly baked cookie,” sit in my backyard and visualize that my pool, (which is still filled with leaves), is filled with clear water and I am lying on a raft enjoying the sun.


Risa Cookie J

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